terça-feira, março 20, 2007

Activistas apelam ao boicote da Abbott

The Nation 20.03.07


Activists push for global boycott

Thai, international health groups incensed at firm's withdrawal of licence applications

Bangkok-based health advocacy groups yesterday began a mass public campaign to boycott giant US drug-maker Abbott Laboratories and vowed to bring the campaign to a global level.
The company withdrew its applications for registration of its new drugs in Thailand in protest at the government's decision to use compulsory licensing for the company's blockbuster Aids medication.

The health groups, including the powerful Rural Doctors Society which once brought down a public health minister, a group representing pharmacists around the country, the globally-respected Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and various consumer networks vowed to boycott Abbott products until the company changed its mind.

Kannikar Kitjiwatchakul, an access campaigner at the MSF Bangkok office, said MSF offices around the world are now discussing whether to raise the boycott campaign to a global level.
Saree Aongsomwang, manager of the Foundation for Consumers, said more than 220 members of Consumers International in 115 countries would join the boycott.

"Since Abbott has challenged Thailand and shown it doesn't care about Thai consumers, please stop using any of its products," she said. "This act by Abbott is totally unacceptable. Please don't ignore this pressure against the government over stopping what really benefits the consumer."

Petição contra o terrorismo corporativo da Abbott na Tailândia.


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