quarta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2007

Participe no inquérito sobre lubrificantes para sexo anal


The International Rectal Microbicides Working Group has just launched a survey on the use of lubricants for anal sex. Please forward this message to your networks around the world. We would like to see thousands of responses from all over the world! The info we gather from this short survey will be important for future safety research of over the counter sexual lubricants and may also provide insights into acceptability issues for future rectal microbicides.

Feel free to link the survey on your organizational site.

Purpose of the survey

YOU CAN HELP! To help us better understand the types of lubes people use for anal sex, we hope you will fill out this brief survey (estimated time to complete: less than 10 minutes). Results from this survey will help us determine which products are a priority for researchers to do safety testing.

WHAT ARE THE SAFEST LUBES? We are working with researchers who are expected to publish data which will indicate that the sexual lubricants currently available on the market have different safety profiles when used rectally.

While ANY LUBE IS BETTER THAN NO LUBE, some lubes may be safer than others when used rectally.

KEEP OUR COMMUNITIES HEALTHY! Help us distribute the survey and identify the best means of disseminating user-friendly versions of the research results.


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