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Act Up contra licenças na Tailândia

Act-up 26.02.06

Today February 26 2006, activists from French people-with-HIV/aids group ACT UP-Paris hanged a giant portrait of Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on the façade of the Thai embassy in Paris with the caption " aids in Thailand : out with Thaksin ". They also showed a banner with the solidarity warning " FTA = death under patent ", in relation with ongoing trade agreement negotiations by Mr Thaksin with the United States, an agreement which endangers access to medication for HIV and other life-threatening diseases. The photographs are available on the Act Up-Paris website.

French PLWHA (People Living with HIV /AIDS) are supporting the fight by Thai PLWHA and Thai communities specially vulnerable to HIV (such as Thai drug users) against the Free Trade Agreement which Mr Thaksin is negotiating with the US. In return for signing the agreement with Thailand, the US demands Mr Thaksin severely limits Thai people’s access to competitive, cheaper medicines, and hand airtight monopolies on medicines to patent-holding US companies.

The Thai HIV movement is a core component of the anti-FTA movement in Thailand, which itself has become a strong force of the anti-Thaksin movement which the recent Shin Corporation tax scandal involving Mr Thaksin has spurred.

French AIDS activists join with Thai movements in demanding the resignation or impeachment of Prime Minister Thaksin, and his replacement by a leader committed to doing everything necessary to end the AIDS crisis, starting with universal access to affordable medicines, to free care and to free clean needles.

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