domingo, outubro 16, 2005

Tamiflu e ARVs


It is unlikely that there are interactions between Tamiflu and PIs, since tamiflu is not using the cytochrome P450, but there is no data on this.

People with kidney troubles should be monitored very closely when taking tamiflu.

What came out after some discussion with physicians here concerning "normal" flu vaccine is this :
- above 200 CD4, the vaccine has every probability to be well tolerated and efficient. It can be interesting to do a vaccine for two reasons: It could avoid to be fragilized by flu and thus more sensitive to other viruses; plus, in case of bird's flu pandemic, it would help to orientate diagnosis to bird's flu quicker.
- below 200 CD4, the inoccuity and the efficiency of the vaccine is less certain.

Avian flu pandemic have you worried?
Information on Tamiflu here,
Wish good luck!
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