quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2006


Abbott & BMS released their earnings reports today:

Abbott sold $1 BILLION worth of Kaletra in 2005, worldwide -- a 12% increase over 2004.

BMS sold $696 Million worth of Reyataz in 2005, worldwide -- a 68% increase over 2004.

BMS claims that Reyataz has "achieved an estimated monthly new prescription share of the U.S. protease inhibitors market of approximately 28%."

Kaletra is now the 2nd antiretroviral to reach over $1 billion in sales -- GSK sold over $1 billion of Combivir in 2004 (they haven't reported 2005 financials yet). Gilead hasn't reported 2005 yet, either, but sales of Viread might also reach $1 billion.

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