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EUA bloqueiam reunião do G7 sobre ajuda ao desenvolvimento

Comentário dum leitor americano:
"I am not giving up my daily Starbucks and my three family cars for world peace"
ED, Houston, Texas

BBC 05.02.05

The US has poured cold water on Gordon Brown's debt relief plans
G7 finance ministers have backed plans to write off up to 100% of the debts of some of the world's poorest countries. UK chancellor Gordon Brown said the London meeting of the world's seven richest nations would be remembered as "the 100% debt relief summit".

Some 37 countries could benefit after a case-by-case review by bodies including the World Bank and the IMF, he said. But the US says it cannot support Mr Brown's International Finance Facility to boost aid to developing countries.
Mr Brown said it was "winning support every day" and said a programme had been agreed to draw up more details in time for the G8 summit in July.

But US Treasury Under-Secretary John Taylor said the US could not support the IFF because of its "legislative process". "The US is completely committed to poverty reduction and providing financing to do that," he said.

"But this particular mechanism does not work for the United States. It works for other countries, and that is fine."
At a dinner on Friday night, former South African president Nelson Mandela backed Mr Brown's plan when he urged the finance chiefs to write-off African debt and provide an extra $50bn (£26.69bn) a year in aid for the next decade.
Talks also centred on the impact of the rising economies of China and India, the US budget and trade deficits, how the US, Europe and Japan can act to boost global economic growth, and HIV/Aids.

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