terça-feira, janeiro 18, 2005

Transmissão sexual de hepatite C

Perguntas e respostas do site The Body:

How common is sexual transmission of hepatitis C in sex between men? Should an HIV-positive man who has unprotected anal sex with other HIV-positive men be worried about the risk of coinfection with Hep C? Please advise.

YES, YES, YES! The data is emerging that HCV is a sexually transmitted disease among gay men. Anal sex is particularly risky and there is no vaccine for HCV. The only preventitive action you can take is to use condoms! In heterosexuals, vaginal sex does not appear to represent a risk for monogamous couples, but anal sex does represent a risk. Be careful and be safe!

As an active (insertive) partner in gay anal fisting, i want to understand the risks of catching HCV if I do not use gloves. There seems to be risk from anecdotal evidence. If the passive partner is HCV +ve, and there is trauma (80% of the time there is visable blood), what are my risks, given i have no visable/noticable abbrasions or cuts on my hands and i dont use gloves. Thanks.

Anytime there is blood involved there is some risk of HCV transmission. However using gloves is obviously going to reduce that risk. I have not seen any cases transmitted this way, but cuts on your hand will clearly increase your risk as well as that of your partner if you are positive. Stay safe!

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