sexta-feira, agosto 25, 2006

Mudando de táctica

Activists' tactics continue to evolve

By A. Chris Gajilan
Friday, August 18, 2006

"Act Up! Fight Back! Fight AIDS!"
"Condom, needles, and the rest -- we need more than just a test!"
"Save people's lives!"
"Life before profit!"

From the sex workers' demonstration to the women's march to sporadic chants on the escalators, protesters made their presence felt at the 26th International AIDS Conference in Toronto.

In fact, a discussion between former President Bill Clinton and Bill Gates was disrupted by a group holding up a cluster of pillowcases spraypainted with the words, "Fight AIDS. Fund Healthworkers Now" and chanting an indecipherable rhyme about needing more doctors and nurses. Clinton and Gates displayed good humor. The former president grinned and said, "I actually agree with that. We do need more nurses." The protest lasted about 15 minutes, then the conference headliners started their discussion.

Despite some well-timed events, however, the overall sense was that there were fewer protests this year.

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