quinta-feira, junho 22, 2006

Glosario del VIH/SIDA

Spanish Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms Available Online

AIDSinfo is pleased to announce a new edition of the Glosario del VIH/SIDA, the Spanish translation of AIDSinfo’s popular Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms. The Glosario is designed to help health care providers, caseworkers, community-based organizations, and people living with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends understand the complex web of HIV/AIDS terminology—en Español! This edition of the Glosario del VIH/SIDA features an expanded “Additional Resources” section as well as new and updated HIV/AIDS-related terms and definitions. You can download the Glosario or use it on the Web. Printed copies of the glossary in Spanish will be available later this summer.

Also new to this edition of the Glosario is the Guía de Traducciones (Translation Guide), a comprehensive list of HIV/AIDS-related terms translated from English into Spanish. This guide can help you communicate important HIV/AIDS-related concepts across a language barrier and can also help organizations create a standardized vocabulary of Spanish HIV/AIDS terms.

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