quinta-feira, março 16, 2006

Carta EATG à Gilead sobre acesso ao TDF na Europa

Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd,
Att. Jennifer Watt,
1 Furzeground Way,
Stockley Park,
Uxbridge UB11 1BD
United Kingdom

CC to:
John C. Martin, President and CEO, Foster City, CA
Amy Flood, Director Public Affairs, Foster City, CA

Brussels, March 15, 2006

Dear Jennifer,

ECAB has discussed the matter of Gilead ARV registration and distribution in Eastern Europe at our last meeting in April 2005 already. These and other discussions have so far led to no concrete results. Gilead has clearly failed to meet our expectations. Patients in the region are in urgent need of Gilead’s compounds, and we don’t understand how your company is missing this important market.

While Gilead continues to publicize its Access Programme for Africa, the company so far never gives any mention to Eastern Europe – as if the region with one of the fastest growing epidemics wouldn’t exist.

It is unacceptable that five years after the licensing of Tenofovir, this drug is still not registered or available in Central and Eastern European countries, and that Gilead has failed to even communicate concrete plans about scaling up regional distribution to ECAB.

At the DDC meeting in January this year, Gilead representatives mentioned a person in Milan being responsible for the area. It was also said that negotiations about registration and distribution with a third company were under way. But again, the information received was more than vague.

Given the situation and urgency, ECAB expects from Gilead:

1. Contact information for the person responsible for the region in Milan.
2. Gilead to communicate a provisional timeline regarding registration and distribution in Central and Eastern European countries, per country.
3. Information regarding Gilead’s pricing policy per country in the region.
4. Gilead to set up an Access programme for Eastern European countries in need.

ECAB is aware of administrative obstacles that may exist in the region and is committed to support the company in addressing those.

To conclude the list of countries where ECAB expects Gilead to address the questions raised above:
- Albania
- Armenia
- Azerbaijan
- Belarus
- Bosnia & Hercegovina
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Estonia
- Georgia
- Hungary
- Kazakhstan
- Kosovo
- Kyrgyzstan
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Macedonia
- Moldova
- Romania
- Russian Federation
- Serbia and Montenegro
- Slovakia
- Tajikistan
- Turkmenistan
- Ukraine
- Uzbekistan

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