quinta-feira, dezembro 01, 2005

O nosso poder

On this World AIDS Day …

UNFPA and Face to Face International ask you to help us get the general public more involved in the prevention of AIDS. It’s easy and fun!

Visit the website: www.aidsmosaic.org

You’ll be introduced to the world’s first on-line AIDS photo mosaic — an interactive AIDS awareness-building and destigmatization tool called I’VE GOT THE POWER.

You’ll be asked to submit a photograph of yourself (optional) and a brief comment about AIDS to be placed in the “I’ve Got the POWER” photo mosaic. Your comments may have to do with what you are doing to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, or what the AIDS crisis means to you personally, or the honoring of a friend or a family member who has died of AIDS, or any other AIDS-related thought or recommendation.

We then ask you to encourage your constituents to do the same by passing on this email and/or website address www.aidsmosaic.org.

By next World AIDS Day, we hope to announce the engagement of hundreds of thousands of new people in the conversation about AIDS and its prevention.
Thank you!

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