sexta-feira, julho 15, 2005

ONUSIDA condena violência contra activistas

Violence against protesters threatens aids response
Geneva, 14 July 2005

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) finds unacceptable, the actions of the police during a protest of people living with HIV at a South African hospital in Queenstown, Eastern Cape province.

According to news reports about 40 people were injured, one seriously, following a peaceful protest for HIV treatment at the Frontier Hospital.

UNAIDS has long supported and will continue to support the freedom of assembly and association for people living with HIV. It is imperative for people living with HIV to be able to openly share information about the disease, to learn about options for treatment and to advocate for better care—including access to life-saving treatment.

UNAIDS calls on leaders across the globe to ensure that people living with HIV are not deprived of these rights.

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