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Boas notícias para a combinação Viread e Combivir

Aidsmap 12.01.05

Low rate of treatment failure with tenofovir, 3TC and AZT

German investigators have found a low rate of treatment failure amongst patients receiving the nucleoside analogues (NRTIs) AZT and 3TC in combination with the nucleotide analogue, tenofovir. The study is published in the January 3rd edition of AIDS.

High rates of virological failure and resistance have previously been seen in patients receiving either triple NRTI therapy, or the nucleotide analogue tenofovir with the NRTIs 3TC and abacavir/or ddI. It is thought that this is because this regimen resulted in the developed of the K65R mutation. Other data, however, suggests that the inclusion of AZT may be protective against the development of the K65R mutation.
“This observational cohort study…revealed an acceptable efficacy of a triple NRTI regimen combining tenofovir, 3TC and AZT”, write the investigators. The investigators add that no mutations conferring resistance to both AZT and tenofovir were seen in any patients, and theorise that common AZT mutations are “disadvantageous for HIV…when combined with the K65R mutation by rendering HIV susceptible to AZT again.”

The investigators conclude: “our preliminary data indicate that triple NRTI regimens including AZT and tenofovir may be more effective than other triple NRTI combinations.”

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