terça-feira, dezembro 07, 2004

Carta do G.A.T. à Embaixada da Índia

Embassy of India
16, Rua Pero da Covilhã, Restelo
1400-297 Lisboa

Sent by Facsimile: + 351-21-3016576

Lisboa, December 7th 2004

Dear Sirs,

G.A.T., Grupo Português de Activistas sobre Tratamentos de VIH/SIDA-Pedro Santos, is gravely concerned that India will no longer be able to produce the affordable generic medicines that have been the cornerstone of treatment scale up in poor countries. Affordable generic versions of newer medicines, especially HIV medicines for second line treatment patented after 1995, will be heavily impacted. These are currently unaffordable drugs, so generic competition is desperately needed.

Our organization opposes India's adoption of amendments to the Patents Act that would exceed the rules India has to follow under the World Trade Organization. India can support innovation without adopting excessive protection of drug company patents and threatening the lives of poor people who need medicines access.

India should delay amending its Patents Act until a real assessment of public health impact can be made, and a full public consultation with civil society is accomplished. The Patents Act must not implemented by decree or Ordinance from the Prime Minister but in a transparent, open, and consultative manner that takes into account widespread concern regarding public health and access to medicines.

Regular compulsory licensing is the only way that generic production of newer drugs will happen after India adopts product patents. But compulsory licensing is difficult and cumbersome. India must streamline and normalize its compulsory licensing procedures.

G.A.T. supports the protest and community mobilization by civil society organizations to urge the Government of India to prioritize public health and we convey our support for the successful March on Parliament that happened today in New Delhi.

Yours sincerely,
Grupo Português de Activistas sobre Tratamentos de VIH/SIDA-Pedro Santos

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