terça-feira, abril 10, 2007

Carta das ONGs da Europa de Leste e da Ásia Central

Entregue à Abbott na semana passada.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

April 5, 2007

We, the participants of the Strategic meeting for achieving Universal Access in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as regional representatives of the Communities of people living with HIV/AIDS, express our solidarity with the people of Thailand and support the efforts of their government to provide free anti-retroviral treatment for all those in need.

We applaud the Thai government for its commitment to universal free access to life-saving medication for its citizens and for its decision to procure the HIV treatments at the lowest possible cost.

In an effort to increase access to affordable medicines, the government of Thailand issued a compulsory license for non-commercial use within its public health system, as provided for by World Trade Organization rules, for the Abbott’s HIV drug Kaletra. A combination of lopinavir and ritonavir, Kaletra is crucial for patients who have developed drug resistance or have adverse side effects from other AIDS medicines. The newest formulation does not need to be refrigerated or taken with food -- a major improvement for many living in rural areas.

In an unprecedented move as response to the Thai government action, Abbott has announced that it will not seek registration for any new drugs, including the new version of Kaletra. By keeping new life-saving medicines like heat-stable Kaletra off the shelves in Thailand, Abbott Labs is threatening the health of Thais who need access to these drugs for survival.

We strongly condemn the corporate blackmail exercised by Abbott Labs on the Thai people and urge the company to immediately revert this highly irresponsible decision.

The Eastern European and Central Asian Union of PLWH Organizations (ECUO)

The Russian Union of PLHIV

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) NIS/Baltics Region

The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG)


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