domingo, outubro 22, 2006

Atripla genérico

Breakthrough one-pill-a-day
HIV treatment is here from Cipla

This is possibly the brightest news since the scourge of HIV/AIDS began spreading its darkness across the world in the late 1980s.

Cipla announces the launch of Viraday, a breakthrough combination of anti-HIV drugs in a single pill, which can be taken just once a day.

Viraday is a combination of three anti-HIV drugs: Efavirenz 600 mg, Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300 mg and Emtricitabine 200 mg. Cipla is the first company to manufacture all the three active ingredients indigenously, and the first to make the formulation in India. Cipla’s achievement is remarkable in terms of speed – the combination became available in the international market just a few weeks ago; and in terms of cost – Cipla offers Viraday at retail price of Rs. 5,200 a month, a fraction of the wholesale international price of approximately US$ 1,100 (approximately Rs. 52,800) a month.

The medical fraternity has waited a long time for such a breakthrough. It gives a big boost to dosage adherence and makes it easier for patients to comply with drug regimentation as advised by the doctor. This is a vital issue in HIV treatment. If patients do not correctly adhere to treatment it can result in lowering the immune system and also developing resistance to the drugs used.

The number of medicines, the number of times in a day they have to be taken, and their side effects – all these affect adherence. On all these counts, Viraday is very patient-friendly.

Just one pill a day and freedom from the side effects and resistance to some other anti-HIV drugs.

Cipla has been a forerunner in harnessing its R & D efforts to reduce the “pill burden” for patients on anti-HIV treatment. The company was the first to introduce innovative treatment kits and the three-in-one (twice a day) pills that have gone a long way to promote adherence and ease of use.

Viraday with its convenient one-pill-a-day dosage and accessibility is Cipla’s most significant achievement yet.

Cipla has repeatedly reduced the prices of various anti-HIV drugs in recent years, and has been at the forefront of initiatives to make them available at affordable prices for patients in more than 130 countries. “In our own way, we make living easier for those affected by HIV, regardless of their circumstances,” said a Cipla spokesperson. “Viraday is another milestone achievement in our mission, that none should be denied.”

Other breakthrough anti-HIV drugs are in Cipla’s pipeline as well.

Cipla está representada em Portugal?
Era bom saber sobre os novos produtos no pipeline desta companhia.
É extraordinária a concretização de uma terapia retroviral com um comprimido por dia.Talvez seja uma solução para a preocupação de uma adesão a 100%.
Olá Raul
A CIPLA não pode vender ARVs em Portugal, nem na Europa dos 25, porque estes ARVs estão protegidos com patentes e as versões genéricas não são permitidas aqui.
Atripla já está no mercado americano e prevê-se a aprovação pela EMEA nos próximos meses.
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