quinta-feira, julho 27, 2006

Larry Kramer strikes again

Larry Kramer Calls for New "Nuremberg Trials" to Document "Real History" of HIV

When AIDS activist Larry Kramer was invited to speak at a special "AIDS at 25" panel discussion hosted by the New York Times, the newspaper probably had no idea that Kramer would blast the paper itself for "its own huge role in allowing this plague to progress." And that's not all Kramer said: as always, he was blunt and provocative. Read his prepared remarks for this discussion, and you're sure to discover things you haven't heard about AIDS, including the assertion that HIV found its way into the gay community through an injectable hemophilia treatment containing blood product, and that the first cases of AIDS in America were not in gay men but in heterosexual women. (Web highlight from The Petrelis Files)

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