segunda-feira, junho 12, 2006

Carta ao Presidente da AG das Nações Unidas

His Excellency Jan Eliasson
President of the General Assembly
United Nations
New York, NY

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the Civil Society Task Force for the 2006 High Level Meeting on AIDS, the Civil Society Coalition and many more civil society participants present at the recent meeting in New York, we would like to express our gratitude for the unique inclusion and the organisation of the Civil Society Hearing: “Keeping the Promise; The People Speak” on May 31.

This was a landmark UN Meeting on AIDS, not only for its demonstration of the level of political engagement in the issue, but also for the level of inclusion of civil society viewpoints. By inviting this level of representation from civil society, you have reaffirmed the role of agencies and groups outside of government in informing and energising the response to the epidemic. This process furthered civil society gaining the political literacy required to provide a counterpoint to international political processes, and strengthened our ability to engage at national, regional and global level with renewed confidence and commitment.

You have set an extremely important example by your own strong personal and professional commitment to the greater participation of people living with HIV and AIDS. The presence and prominence given to civil society and people living with HIV was unprecedented. For your part in this, too, you have our thanks. However, we also need to work together to overcome unjust immigration restrictions for positive people in the US and wherever else they exist, be stronger advocates for the participation of positive people on national delegations, in civil society as a whole and continue to promote and expand the application of the GIPA principle.

The Civil Society Hearing allowed the diversity, energy, passion and sense of urgency that we bring to the global response to be visible to and influential upon member states. We thank you for providing the platform for civil society to be heard. In future meetings on AIDS within the General Assembly, we look forward to working with the UN to ensure that the inputs from civil society can be even more meaningfully included.

Now that the meeting in New York is over, our work continues at the country level. Despite our disappointment in some aspects of the Declaration, we will seek to ensure that the political statement articulated in the High Level Meeting will be translated into a reality with measurable targets. This political statement will provide a crucial reference for groups to measure the performance of their own national leaders. None of the points it contains will go forgotten as we work to hold AIDS policymakers accountable. We look forward to reconvening in the General Assembly for the next High Level Review Meeting on AIDS, and once again offering our perspectives on the progress being made to overcome this global pandemic.

Sincerely yours,

Civil Society Task Force for the 2006 High Level Meeting on AIDS
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