quinta-feira, abril 27, 2006

Petição Prémio Nobel da Paz para Stephen Lewis

This is a link to a petition asking The Nobel committee to consider Canadian statesman and humanitarian Stephen Lewis for the 2007 Nobel Peace prize.

Stephen Lewis is the UN Secretary General's special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. He is working to obtain drugs for the treatment and prevention of this devastating disease and for financial assistance for those that are left to care for the children of those taken by it.

Stephen Lewis has visited those people. He has wept with the children that have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. He has consoled and supported the grandmothers that are attempting to rear these children. He has advocated for women's rights ... and for the rights of workers in the sex trade ...and for the provision and use of condoms ... and for medications needed for their treatment. He advocates constantly with tenderness, intelligence and a saintly zeal that is profoundly moving.

Stephen Lewis merits recognition. It would be a benefit not for him but for his cause. This well deserved recognition would put him and Africa in the media spotlight and give added visibility and vigour to this worthy campaign for change in the lives of the poor and marginalised people on the continent of Africa.

We ask the committee to seriously consider Stephen Lewis for the Nobel Peaceprize in 2007.

Please sign this petition ... and share this with all your friends and colleagues.

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