segunda-feira, maio 16, 2005

Governo brasileiro pressionado pelos activistas sobre genéricos

On Friday, AIDS activists held simultaneous rallies at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington DC and Brazil's Mission to the United Nations in New York. Bearing signs with pictures of toothless tigers reading, "Minister Costa, Enough Toothless posturing, Compulsory Licensing of AIDS Drugs Now," and "Brazil Break the AIDS Drug Monopoly/Generic AIDS Drugs Now" activists called on the Brazilian Health Minister to show leadership and break the monopoly on costly HIV medicines.

Activists expressed their solidarity with Brazilian civil society groups who have called for an international campaign to pressure the Brazilian government to stand up to the exorbitant amounts charged by foreign drug companies. The US demonstrators called on Brazil to issue compulsory licenses for the generic production of 4 vital AIDS drugs.

Mais sobre esta acção aqui.

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