quinta-feira, maio 26, 2005

Combivir e Epivir vermelhos

GSK to use technology to prevent parallel imports

GlaxoSmithKline is planning to use a series of packaging and on-tablet technologies to prevent parallel trade in its HIV drugs Combivir and Epivir. GSK is looking forward to tap the huge HIV drugs market by making drugs available where they are most needed, for sale at cost, especially in Africa and other AIDS affected countries around the world.

Combivir and Epivir forming a part of the humanitarian access programme will have a red coating by 2005 to differentiate it from the more expensive white tablets. GSK will also make use of anti-counterfeiting packaging and labeling technologies for these drugs.

GSK has been in a long-running legal dispute with UK parallel trader Dowelhurst over allegations that the latter knowingly supplied the National Health Service with HIV drugs originally destined for patients in Africa. GSK claims to provide around 40% of humanitarian supplies of HIV drugs, and up to a quarter of the drugs by volume illegally diverted.
The pharmaceutical industry has long argued that parallel trade in which a trader sources lower-priced products from one country and imports them for sale in another where prices are higher damages its profitability. This also introduces the risk of mislabeling, as goods are re-packaged and serves as an entry point for counterfeit drugs.

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