terça-feira, fevereiro 15, 2005

O "super vírus" e a Virologic

Richard Jeffereys
Treatment Action Group

It may be worth noting that the Times story today discusses the company Virologic that makes drug resistance and tropism assays and quotes David Ho extensively, but fails to note that Ho is on Virologic's Scientific Advisory Board and that his brother, Sidney, is Virologic's Public Relations person.

In a display of stomach-churning opportunism, Virologic issued a press release today that also quotes Ho and suggests that all antiretroviral naïve individuals should use their assay before starting treatment.

Bloomberg news (and some other articles) emphasizes that the individual's virus was still sensitive to Fuzeon and apparently Trimeris's and Roche's stock value has increased as a result. David Ho has provided friendly quotes for Trimeris/Roche press releases in the past.

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