quarta-feira, abril 06, 2005

TMC-114 muito promissor como terapêutica de resgate

TMC-114 Sets a New Standard in Salvage Therapy Trials

The greatest need in HIV antiretroviral therapeutics now is for agents that can effectively block viral replication in patients who have experienced virologic failure on several drug combinations, and who now harbor multi-drug resistant virus. One drug in development that answers this need is tipranavir (TPV), an experimental protease inhibitor (PI) that has demonstrated activity in phase 3 trials (RESIST 1 and 2) against virus with broad PI resistance. An overview of the research presented on tipranavir at this conference is available here.

TMC-114 is another experimental PI with activity against virus that is resistant to the currently available PIs. In a session at CROI focused on new antiretroviral agents, researchers presented a planned 24-week, combined interim analysis of two phase 2 dose-finding trials on TMC-114. The results, presented by Richard Haubrich of the University of California-San Diego, were impressive.

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