segunda-feira, junho 25, 2007

Espanha no Fundo Global em Angola

E Portugal?!

Spain is elected as a member for the Mechanism of National Coordination for the Global Fund Against Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS in Angola

The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) has been elected as representative of the bilateral cooperation to participate in the mechanism of national coordination of the Global Fund Against Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. This election implies an acknowledgement to the important contribution of Spain to such Fund, to which Spain has already donated 100 million dollars.

The Global Fund iniciated its activities in Angola two years ago. Angola Ministry of Planification Dr Carlos Lopes is the president for the Mechanism of Coordination (MoC), which includes several public and private sectors as participants. The function of the MoC is to decide its priorities and programs to be disbursed with the Fund’s money, which hitherto has given priority to institutional capacity building actions.

(Source: AECI, June, 2007)


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