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Conferência internacional sobre Migrantes e Minorias Étnicas

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European Conference

“The right to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support for migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe: The community perspective”

Lisbon 7-8 June 2007

Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT), UNL

Auditorium, Junqueira Street nº 96, Lisbon, Portugal

Thursday, 7 June

14:30 – 15:30 Registration and General Information
15:30–16:30 Opening session

CHAIRS - Prof Jorge Torgal, President of IHMT, Dr.ª Isabel Mota, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Nikos Dedes, Chair of EATG

· Welcome note

Speaker - Paulo Vieira, YouAct, UNAIDS, PCB NGOs delegate for Europe, GAT

Safe Sex Comedy Show

16:30–18:30 Plenary I: Migrants’ right to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment & care


· Overview - introduction, data, scale of the problem, open questions & challenges

Speaker – Mary Haour-Knipe, independent consultant on migration and HIV/health

· Obstacles - to access of treatment, prevention and care for migrant populations

Speaker – Michele LeVoy, coordinator PICUM

· Migrants, ethnic minorities, drug use and HIV

Speaker – Lucas Wiessing, EMCDDA

· Human rights - and universal access - for migrants and ethnic groups to prevention, treatment and care services

Speaker – Rick Lines, Irish Centre for Human Rights

18:30–19:00 Introduction, distribution of discussion papers and selection of working groups - Closing

19:00 Welcome Dinner (Tropical Garden)

Friday, 8 June

9:00-10:30 Plenary II: Migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe:

The community perspective

CHAIR - Peter Wiessner, EATG

· Benefits and cost-effectiveness of the inclusion of migrants in European public health services

Speaker – Prof. Peter Vickerman*, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

· The Public health approach: Why does the inclusion of migrant populations and ethnic groups makes sense?

Speaker - Srdan Matic, WHO-Europe

· Closed borders: migration and travel regulations and access to treatment

Speaker - David Haerry, EATG

· Cross report on sexual and reproductive rights – Dra. Alice Frade - APF

10:30 Coffee break
11:00–13:00 Break-out sessions: The community perspective

Discussion on the needs and shortcomings in relation to access for certain migrant and ethnic communities; recommendations for improving access to treatment, care & prevention (fact sheets to be distributed)

1. Trafficked women and migrant sex workers

Report – TAMPEP– Licia Brussa + CEEHRN – Raminta Stuikyte

Speaker - CEEHRN – Raminta Stuikyte

Participation of EPNF and other organizations and experts

2. Undocumented migrants

Report - PICUM – Michele LeVoy

Speaker – CORRELATION - Eberhard Schatz

Participation of other organizations and experts

3. Sinti and Roma

Report – OSI-Roma Project – Heather Doyle

Speaker - Red Europea SASTIPEN La Fundacion Secretariado Gitano – Elena Buceta

Participation of Travellers Ireland and other organizations and experts

4. Black Diaspora

Report - African HIV Policy Network – Rhon Reynolds

Speaker - PASAA Amsterdam - Juan Walter

Participation of Women Living with HIV Coalition, National AIDS Trust, Yusef Azad and other organizations and experts

5. Russian speaking communities outside Russia (the “invisible” migrants)

Report – Prof Aljona Kurbatova, WHO-Europe

Speaker - Igor Sobolev – Network People Living with HIV Estonia

Participation of other organizations and experts

6. Migrant populations behind prison bars

Report – Bremen University – Prof. Heino Stöver; Research Institute of Public Health and Addiction, Zurich - Prof. Ambros Uchtenhagen

Speaker – RAPt – Mike Trace *

Participation of ENDIPP and other organizations and experts

13:00–14:30 Lunch

14:30–16:00 Plenary III: Migrants’ realities and recommendations

CHAIR Raminta Stuikyte CEEHRN / EATG

Safe Sex Comedy Show

Presentation of the results and recommendations of the working groups

· Reports from the breakout sessions: Community perspective and recommendations

16:00–16.30 Coffee break
16:30–18:30 Roundtable: Political commitment towards migrant populations and ethnic groups?

Chair Pedro Silvério Marques GAT / EATG
· ECDC - Françoise Hammer
· UNAIDS - Dennis Haveaux
· EC HIV/AIDS Task Force - DG Sanco - Michael Hübel* (Task Force Leader)
· EU Presidency Task Force Portugal - Prof. Henrique Barros *
· EU Migrants – JLS DG II - Stefano Bertozzi*
· IOM - Migration and Health Department, Dr. LeeNah Hsu
· Members of European Parliament - Glenys Kinnock/PSE* and Assunção Esteves (PPE) *
· ILO – Sophia K. Kisting (Directrice Programme de l’OIT sur le VIH/SIDA) *

Safe Sex Comedy Show

18:30 Conclusions, closing remarks, recommendations

· Speaker – Georg Bröring*, Senior advisor on migration and HIV/AIDS

19:30 End


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