quinta-feira, setembro 13, 2007

Workshop para activistas VIH/VHC

The European AIDS Treatment Group, the Spanish CAB FEAT and Bilbao-based NGO's Ixarobide, Comisión Antisida de Bizkaia and Asociación T-4 are pleased to open the call for participants for the meeting “Hot Issues in HIV/HCV Co-infection in Southern Europe”, that will be held in Bilbao, Spain, October 18-19, 2007.

The event also includes a pre-meeting workshop to train on the scientific basics of HIV/HCV co-infection for absolute beginners. Slots for the pre-meeting are limited to 30, so please, register to this pre-meeting workshop only if you really need it.

We have secured assistance (travel, accommodation and meals are covered) for up to 50 international participants from the following countries: Italy (15 pax.), France (15 pax.), Portugal (15 pax.) and Central and Eastern Europe (5 pax. as observers). Interested potential participants have to contact the national contact person for the application form and send it to the respective national key contacts according to where they are based:

Portugal: Luis Mendão (GAT) at gatcontactos@gmail.com

There is a separate program for Spanish participants. Interested people have to contact Juanse Hernández at juanse@gtt-vih.org

Attendees have to have a community connexion with the HCV/HIV field, have to commit to attend the entire meeting, feed back their local community on its content, and be able to understand at least Spanish or English, the two working languages of the event.

Please, if you are interested, contact your national correspondent before Friday 21st of September (sorry for the short notice).

Please, distribute to your local networks or to anyone who you think may be interested and may qualify to attend this event.

Thank you very much for you help.

Joan Tallada
Project Leader

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